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30.03.2007 General News

Criticism is not the answer to energy problem


Mr. Owiredu Debrah, a Senior Inspector of Taxes at the Internal Revenue Service Department (IRS), has said that the solution to the country's energy problem lies in commitment of the citizens to pay taxes and not criticism of the Government.

He said taxpayers must cultivate the commitment to honour their tax obligations voluntarily and at the right time, to facilitate the socio-economic forward march of the nation.

Mr. Debrah was speaking to about 120 chemical sellers at a special tax educational forum organized by the Awutu-Effutu-Senya District Directorate of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), at Kasoa on Thursday.

He reiterated that no nation could advance socially and economically if her citizens considered the payment of taxes as their "bitterest enemy".

He reminded Ghanaians that it was through taxes that the Government pays workers salaries and provide social amenities like roads, school blocks, hospitals, clinics, good drinking water and energy.

Mr. Debrah said the target set for the various tax collection agencies in the country, including the IRS was 8.6 trillion cedis by the end of the year.

Mr. Debrah who is in-charge of the Kasoa Collection District of the IRS, said the target of 5.6 billion Cedis had been set for the area this year.

He appealed to all eligible taxpayers in Kasoa and surrounding communities to co-operate with officials of the IRS and Local Government Revenue Collection Officers who also collected rates and fees fixed by the Awutu-Effutu-Senya District Assembly.

Mr. Debrah praised chemical sellers for their prompt settlement of their tax obligations and advised them to maintain the spirit.

They should, however, not hesitate to expose tax evaders in the area to face the full rigors of the law. He also advised taxpayers to feel free to approach officials of the IRS to discuss their problems so that they would teach them the flexible way they could settle their tax responsibilities.

Mr. Francis A. Essah, Principal Superintendent of Revenue quoted verses of the scriptures where disciples of Christ were advised to pay their taxes and take part in population census to determine the revenue target for effective socio-economic development.

He charged rate payers in the District to accept the challenge to honour their tax obligations.

Mr. Essah counselled taxpayers to see revenue officers of the District Assembly as partners in development and to co-operate with them for the smooth and orderly administration of the district.

Source: GNA