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29.03.2007 General News

Don’t measure success by wealth

By Shaibu ABUBAKAR (GIJ Student Intern)

The Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Chamber of Mines, Joyce Aryee has advised Ghanaians especially the youth not to measure the success of individuals by the number of properties the own or the money they have.

“When this happens it only leads to greed and desperation on the part of the citizenry because everyone wants to be seen as successful by virtue of their possessions” she observed.

Speaking at a lecture at the University of Ghana dubbed Maximum Success 2007; Ms. Aryee said wealth should not be the measure of success, noting that “success is elusive if wealth is the measure.”

Quoting Lord Arcton, she said “success does not come from possessions because it is insatiable”… “…once you get one thing, you crave for another, and that is not and can not be a measure of your success”

Presenting a paper titled “Your Roadmap to Success” Ms. Joyce Aryee said wealth is rather a useful means to an end and not an end in itself.

According to her, the secret of a successful life is finding out what is one's destiny and doing just that. She advised her youthful audience to discover themselves by identifying their potentials and developing them.

“Focusing on one purpose is key to the success of any person. Rather than being a jack of all trades master of none, you can be a jack of few trades focused on one and this will breed success” she said.

She admonished the youth to challenge themselves and be creative and not to copy from others less they become bad imitations of them.

Ms. Joyce Aryee, who is also founder of Salt and Light Ministries, said sacrifice and hard work has been a common denominator in the success stories of a lot of people and it is something that cannot be done away with for anyone who wants to be successful.

Speaking to the dailyEXPRESS after the lecture, Ernest Davids, CEO of Waves International, organizers of the event said the lecture was intended to inspire the young generation to attain maximum success. He said it will be held annually on university campuses all over the country.