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29.03.2007 General News

Kwabre NPP Youth Say NoTo Regional Executives

Delegates in the Kwabre West Constituency of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) have opposed a decision by the Ashanti Regional Executive to impose an interim constituency executive on the party.

The delegates described the action of the regional executive as illegal, unconstitutional and a contravention of the tenets of the NPP.

A meeting conveyed at Kodie by the regional executive on Sunday to introduce the new interim executive to the delegates ended abruptly as majority of the polling station executive invited to the meeting opposed the decision.

The regional executive arrived at the decision to impose the interim executive following a prolonged impasse between the NPP Member of Parliament for the area, Mr E. A. Owusu Ansah, who is also the Ashanti Regional Minister, and the constitutionally elected executive led by Odeneho Kwaku Appiah, the Constituency Chairman.

Mr Omono Asamoah, the Second Vice-Chairman of the constituency, who addressed the meeting and informed the delegates of the regional executive's decision, had no alternative than to bring the meeting to an abrupt end following the confusion that ensued at the venue.

Prior to the meeting there was a decision to allow only polling station chairmen to enter the hall but that was overturned following a stiff opposition by the other polling station executive.

In another development, members of the Concerned NPP Youth of Kwabre West have issued a statement expressing regret about the impasse in the constituency.

The statement, which was signed by the leader of the group, Mr Patrick Sanaah, stated that the youth had exercised patience for so long and expected that the unfortunate situation would have been managed to ensure that peace returned to the constituency for the betterment of the party.

The group said the present incident suggested that the situation was rather deteriorating and called for urgent measures to reverse the trend.

According to the group, if such instances were not checked they could negatively affect the fortunes of the party in the 2008 general election and called for serious efforts to solve the matter once and for all.

The concerned youth called on the national executive, the national council and the President together with all the key stakeholders of the party to initiate an enquiry into the impasse and find a lasting solution to it without fear or favour.

“Our patience may ran out, which would not augur well for the party in the constituency if the right things are not done”, the statement said.

The group described the decision by the regional executive to impose an interim executive on them as a ploy to get rid of the constitutionally elected executive body.

“Most NPP supporters, especially the youth in the constituency, are becoming increasingly upset over the kind of 'Kwaku Ananse' and 'Tom and Jerry' relationship between the MP and the elected executive”, they said.

The concerned youth said the NPP was noted for its respect for the party's internal democracy and compliance with its constitution, which governed the party and expressed regret that the party's regional leadership who were supposed to champion a common cause to enhance the strength of the party were rather doing the contrary for reasons best known to them.

They threatened to resist any attempt to allow individual interests to override those of the entire membership of the constituency.

The concerned youth said for the regional executive to impose an interim executive body on the constituency when there was a constitutionally elected executive in place was unconstitutional and would not be tolerated in any form.

They asked “What kind of people have been appointed to replace the elected ones? What is their credibility as far as the constituency's crisis is concerned?” .

Story By Enoch Darfah Frimpong, Kodie