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28.03.2007 General News

Another opportunity from Qatar

By Bilingual Free Press
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A Qatari construction firm, Consolidated Contractors International Company is expected in the country next month to recruit more Ghanaians for its various projects in the Persian Gulf country.

CCIL is the company whose Ghanaian workers told the Ghana government delegation during a recent visit to the country that they were pleased with their conditions of service and even called for encouragement for more Ghanaians to join them.

Qatar companies are looking up to Ghana for various grades of workers because most of their traditional sources of labour supply have exhausted their quota.

Ghana as a new source is being given a certain priority among construction companies in that country.

It would be recalled that during their meeting with the delegation, management of CCIL said they were so far satisfied with the output of the Ghanaian heavy duty drivers, crane operators and others.

Qatar whose population is below three hundred thousand depends on imported labour for the scores of projects and other services in the oil rich country.

Countries like the Philippines, Nepal, India and others expert labour to Qatar and others in the Gulf Cooperating Countries as a major source of foreign exchange.

In the concluding portion of their report the government delegation to Qatar recently note: Taking a cue or a leaf from the presentation/ experience by the Philippine's elaborate programme, there is the paramount need for a far reaching mechanism aimed at streamlining the export of Ghanaian labour to Qatar and elsewhere in that region.”

Ghana as a country, they added stands to gain from a formalized recruiting and export of labour to “this relatively unexplored gold mine in Qatar and other Gulf states.

It is the hope of many Ghanaians that this new opportunity would not be politicized by agents of destruction.

Source: Bilingual Free Press