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26.03.2007 General News


By (ghanaian-chronicle)

IT IS very strange as to how we humans sometimes behave when situations confront us.

The path to success, we have to know, is always tarred with thorns and as such those who make it to the top should be seen as 'super humans'. They struggled and made it and their efforts should be a beacon of hope for all of us.

Just some months ago, in the Bawku Township, the late Hawa Yakubu who was once the Member of Parliament, was contesting the general elections just to be elected to serve once more her people but unfortunately she lost the seat and Bawku was thrown into confusion.

The Pusiga Jean of Ark, sacrificing herself for the betterment of her people, was not at that time accepted as Jean'd'Ark of the French resistance who was declared a witch and burnt at the stake. For the mayhem that followed the aftermath of Hawa's loss was a disgrace not only to the people of Bawku but the entire country.

Hawa's house was burnt down and many people suffered serious injuries just because of politics and Hawa herself became a displaced person in her own country, fearing to enter her own town. That is the twist of life. Now Hawa is dead and gone and Bawku in general and Pusiga in particular is dead. But interestingly, the death of Hawa has brought all the feuding factions in that great District of Upper East to realise that blood is thicker than water and no matter the consequences, politics is a game of false football.

Hon. John Ndebugre, Convention Peoples Party Member of Parliament for Zebilla; Hon. Dominic Azimbe, MP for Garu Timpane; Hon. Simon Atingban Akunye, Naaba Asigri Bogrago Azoka 11, the Paramount Chief of the Bawku Traditional Area; Alhaji Issaka Akuka, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Chairman of the Pusiga Constituency; Mr. Abubark Jibreel Ustarz a.k.a. Bana Yara, an NPP Member but stood as an independent candidate against Hawa; Hon. Mahama Ayariga and the NPP's Constituency Women's Organiser, Madam Boola Gewa, and of course the whole of Bawku, have shown that love of unity because of the death of one person.

It will be a sorry state for all and sundry to have the Bawku Township still embroiled in confusion, anarchy and hatred for one another if Hawa's death could not be said to be destined to unify them. It is only the blood of one that saves a nation or town and Hawa has shared her blood for the peaceful co-existence of all the inhabitants of Bawku and the country at large.

She has given her life for atonement so that Bawku becomes a peaceful area devoid of political or ethnic vendetta. Yes, this modern Jean'd'Ark though dead will continue to lead her people into that bliss we are all aspiring for.

So, people of Bawku, let the death of Hawa envelop all of you to realise the need to be one for all and all for one. Her death should gear you all towards the total development of your area, for politics will never and can never salvage the tradition and culture of your great area.

May we all see a unified Bawku as we mourn this great woman of substance, that through her death, Bawku will be a peaceful town devoid of any animosity.