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26.03.2007 General News

Grim week ahead for businesses

By myjoyonline

Businesses in the country are expected to cutback on their electricity consumption by a quarter from this week.

The VRA and ECG say the Akosombo Dam is critically low on water and the step, plus many more are necessary to avert a total shutdown of the hydro-power generating dam.

At a meeting with the VRA and ECG last Friday, industry agreed to the 25 percent cut back of energy it presently consumes.

This latest move comes after several such cut backs since the energy crisis last August. Industry players have indicated the latest directive will hit them really hard and they will have to resort to all sorts of strategies to keep afloat, including re-designing work schedules, job cuts and in some case total shutdowns.

Those strong enough to run their own generators are being encouraged to do so.