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26.03.2007 Business & Finance

Our Company And Power Issue

Regular and uninterrupted power supply is what many companies want for their operations because without power production will suffer.

When units make profit, the company will take its unit tax and the coffers will swell and various services would be provided for members of staff of our beloved company, Ghana Incorporated.

It is also true that even companies in the global Club 100 sometimes go through power problems. As the 27 members in the European Holding Trust mark its 50th anniversary, there is the talk on how to ensure regular power supply to various companies in the trust.

When it comes to fledgling companies such as Ghana Incorporated, the urge to have regular power supply is even more compelling, since they have more young energetic youths on the street.

They are not skilled because they have not been prepared for the world of work. Consequently, the army of the unemployed grows if units are forced to send home those already working.

The greatest problem facing Ghana Inc. is not the supply of crude oil because that belongs to history.

For members of staff of Ghana Inc., the greatest problem is that if care is not taken, whatever gain that has been made over the last few years would be eroded. But I guess, I heard you say that it should never be.

Why? We want to make progress. However, that cannot be realised without efficient and reliable power supply.

It is a fact that our concept of “free, free” syndrome has also affected the power sector and that is when unions are scared stiff when it is suggested that members of staff should pay more for the power they consume.

Should anybody cost the use of candles or kerosene, he would be able to appreciate the fact that power tariff should be realistic.

Surely, independent power producers are not philanthropic units, who would come to distribute power free to members of staff. They are in business and there is no free lunch anywhere under the sun.

Of course, it is also true that most of us do not use power effectively and productively. It is equally true that the idea of extending power to remote areas of the company's premises was not backed by any plan to encourage industries in those areas.

That is unfortunate and it is important the company's development and planning committee take a second look at that and see how best the anomaly could be rectified.

Admittedly, the greatest challenge facing Ghana Inc is how to stabilise power supply to various production units of the company so that they would not send our young men and women home.

A lasting solution to the problem would be very much welcome.