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24.03.2007 General News

“Africa is on her way” – Keshi


Steven Keshi, coach of the Togolese national team, The Hawks says African football is on its way to success in terms of producing and nurturing future football talents.

He told the GNA Sports in Lome that “the little that I have seen in the ongoing U-17 Championship here in Togo gives me great hope that we are on our way.

“All I see around me are great talents, fine potentials and incredible teams that must represent our hope as a continent. All I can wish for is that these players will be nurtured well and kept together for our common good.

“You only have a chance to get the best out of a team when you put them together and give them the chance to work as a team”.

The 1994 African Nations Cup Winner told the GNA Sports that the future looks good for Africa and the priority must be to maximize the potentials exhibited by most of the players in the competition.

“Sadly, we are used to abandoning players so quickly after each competition and that remains our bane.

“The time has come for us to depart from that era and ensure the young boys and girls enjoy the best of togetherness in our quest to rule the world through the globular leather soon”.

Coach Keshi could not hide his disappointment about Ghana's inability to make it to the finals of the tourney which Togo hosts as the debutants.

The Ghanaians lost 1-2 to Togo at the semi-final stage in a manner Keshi deemed was the most surprising.

“I was expecting Ghana in the final and could not believe my eyes about how they lost out like that. But anyway, such is football. It's full of surprises”.

The Nigerian will be parading his team against Sierra Lone in an African Cup of Nations qualifier at the national Wembley at Kegue on Saturday.

Source: GNA