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23.03.2007 General News

Sex and Blackmail: Zip up or they ‘zap’ you up

By s have it that the ladies on separate occasions, slept with the politician at places they had chosen. All the significant things that happened there were recorded.

The act of making love has remained one activity since creation and has brought many otherwise great men from the high pedestal of achievement and heroism to great falls and other disgrace.

Recently, Liberia's Sirleaf Johnson's Minister of State Willis D. Knuckles was nabbed in a sex orgy on the blind side of his wife.

But the Weekend Crusading Guide newspaper says Knuckles may not be in this thing alone, it is just that he ran out of luck due to his recklessness.

Ghana may sooner than later have its own 'Knuckles' if its politicians do not keep their zips up.

The paper says a prominent politician whose name it is withholding in the meantime, recently had sleepless nights when his licentious activities with two university girls were shown to him captured on a CD.

The newspaper said it is reliably informed that the two ladies are good friends who were being bedded by this politician.

According to sources, having found out through text messages that they were being dated at the same time by the politician, they (ladies) decided to pay him back.

Sources have it that the ladies on separate occasions, slept with the politician at places they had chosen. All the significant things that happened there were recorded.

On these occasions when the man tried to debate the issue as blackmail, another man entered the room, claiming he was a confidante of the ladies and that the politician had been unfair to them (ladies); it was therefore time for him (politician) to pay back.

For fear of being exposed and brought to public ridicule and disgrace, the politician has so far coughed out 350 million cedis to the ladies and their friend.

He is said to have arranged other mouth-watering gifts and benefits should the ladies and their confidante destroy all evidences of his pornographic encounters.

However, the new financial status of the young ladies has given them out, sources say.

The paper reports that in another development, another politician in his early sixties (name withheld) has had to pay 200 million cedis to his friend's daughter, also a university student, whom he had tried to sleep with.

The story has it that the lady student was spotted standing in front of the Total filling station near Legon, one evening.

The lady's father's friend, a male, who was passing by saw her and had a hunch that she could be up for some game.

The man then decided to park his car and see what would happen. A few minutes later, a Mercedes Benz car pulled up before the lady; she hopped in and the car took off.

The man decided to follow the car and see what would happen. The Benz car finally ended in a secluded guest house and to his utter dismay, the Benz car owner was one of the lady's father's friends and a friend to him (the man also).

The man confronted the Benz car owner as to what he was doing with their friend's daughter at such an odd place and time.

He (the Benz car owner) eventually had to part away with 200 million cedis to the lady he was about to have fun with, in order to keep the matter from getting to the knowledge of his friend and perhaps going public.

Source: The Weekend Crusading Guide