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21.03.2007 General News

UK visa fees go up


The British High Commission announced on Tuesday that UK visa fees would go up from April 1.

A statement issued in Accra said the increases, the first since 2005, were because of a substantial change in programme, which aims to improve control and customer service.

The statement said transit, direct airside transit visas were now 815,000 cedis, six month visa was now 1.170 million cedis, student visa was 1.835 million cedis while one-year, two-year, 10-year visit visa was 3.7 million cedis.

Returning residents would also pay 3.7 million cedis, while settlement is 9.250 million cedis.

The statement said the new fees incorporated the handling charge previously levied separately by the Commission's commercial partners.

It said applicants for long-term visas would need to obtain a certificate to confirm clearance from contagious tuberculosis before lodging their applications.

Source: GNA