We’ll strike out companies who aren't properly registered by June 30 — ORC

Headlines Jemima Memaa Oware, Registrar of Companies
Jemima Memaa Oware, Registrar of Companies

The Registrar of Companies, Jemima Memaa Oware, has announced that all companies who are not properly registered will be struck off the Office of Registrar of Companies’ register by June 30th in a bid to enforce compliance with registration regulations.

Speaking on Accra-based JoyNews' AM Show on Tuesday, June 25, Memaa Oware said they have given such companies ample time and notices to update their registration information but many have not taken the warnings seriously.

"You started from, say, Kokomlemle. You are now in Kantamanto, and we come and check the register, and it's still the same old address. So, when we talk of filing of annual returns and financial statement, it is just for you to update us with the most current information," said Memaa Oware.

She added, "We have talked for quite a bit; it is getting to two years now, and they are not taking us seriously, so by the end of this month, 30th June, we will take action."

The registrar warned that companies struck off the register will not be allowed to use the same company name for the next 12 years unless they obtain a court order.

She further noted that banks and financial institutions will be notified of the deregistration and may refuse to do business with the unregistered companies.

"Once we struck you off the register; you cannot use that name within the next twelve years unless you go to court and get them to order us to reinstate it. Even then, it is at the court's discretion.

“Once we take your name off, we will inform all banks about it. In case you are operating an account, we would let them know that you are no longer in our books and if you are not careful, they would not continue to do business with you because you are not registered," she stated.

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