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Positive opposition makes leaders proactive – NCCE

By Japhet Festus Gbede || Contributor
Positive opposition makes leaders proactive – NCCE

The Ho Municipal Director of the NCCE, Rev. Vincent Adzika, during the maiden “Lead Conference” of the Pentecost Student Association (PENSA) - University of Allied Science (UHAS) Ho Chapter, remarked that leaders should always make room for opposing views.

Speaking on the topic “Justice-centred Leadership: Addressing Inequalities for Inclusive Development”, Rev. Adzika stated that Justice-centred leadership has its focus on ensuring fairness, equity, and inclusivity. Bringing all people on board, including those who oppose you, is a mark of a proactive leader.

“Any leader who sees his/her opposition as an enemy and is not ready to listen and think through opposing views will not make much progress in their leadership,” he stated.

He added that positive opposition is a constructive approach that aims to bring about improvement or beneficial outcomes that benefit the masses rather than merely criticism.

Rev. Adzika applauded the Church of Pentecost for its Political Chamber Project in all tertiary institutions, aimed at building Godly leaders for nation-building.

Brother Godfred Amoah, Vice President for PENSA –UHAS Ho Chapter, emphasised that the Political Chamber forum instituted by the Church of Pentecost is to create a space for church members to engage in political discussions, debate, and advocacy, promoting civic responsibility and informed decision-making.

He added that the Political Chamber also aimed at encouraging and supporting Christian political leaders to hold accountable political leaders who share Christian values, promoting integrity, faith, and moral principles in governance.

Brother Amoah stated that the Chamber strives to bring biblical principles and kingdom values into the political arena, transforming the culture and promoting God's justice, love, and righteousness in the public square.

During his closing remark, Mr. Bayeh Magnambi Raymond, the President of the PENSA Political Chamber – UHAS Ho Chapter, remarked that having the right motive is key to becoming an exceptional leader. He encourages all participants to check their motives and ensure they are right before seeking leadership positions.

Participants, comprised of a cross-section of students, welcome the Church's vision of Raising Political Giants for God and Country.Participants, comprised of a cross-section of students, welcome the Church's vision of Raising Political Giants for God and Country.

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