SSNIT within rights to divest hotels; critics must suggest alternatives — Franklin Cudjoe

Headlines Franklin Cudjoe, Founding President of IMANI Africa
Franklin Cudjoe, Founding President of IMANI Africa

IMANI Africa Founding President Franklin Cudjoe has waded into the debate on SSNIT's planned sale of hotels.

The policy advisor insists the pension fund has not acted wrongfully by divesting the assets.

In a Facebook post, Mr. Cudjoe urged people who are in disagreement with the deal to suggest alternatives.

"Frankly, SSNIT has done nothing wrong divesting the hotels. Alternative sale values should be suggested by those who disagree,” read part of his post.

His comments come as SSNIT attempts to sell the four hostels to Agric Minister Bryan Acheampong's company, Rock City Hotels, has faced pushback over perceived conflicts of interest.

However, the IMANI boss said: "I am yet to hear any concrete proof that Bryan Acheampong stole public money to engage in any business."

While acknowledging SSNIT's right to exit commercial ventures, Mr. Cudjoe stressed, "I will never support any government entity to manage commercial enterprise in Ghana.”


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