Madina MP, Youth MP embark on science practical for 40 JHS

By Beyonce Diamond Kpogli II Contributor
Education Madina MP, Youth MP embark on science practical for 40 JHS

In a bid to enhance science education in the Madina municipality, the office of the Youth MP under the auspices of the United Nations Youth Association Ghana in collaboration with the office of the Hon. Francis-Xavier Sosu, MP for Madina has embarked on a five-week science practical program for over 40 schools in the area, targeting over 1,500 JHS students.

The program aims to bridge the gap between theoretical and practical science education, increasing interest in STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) among students.

The program will cover a range of science topics, including acid and base reactions, rusting, microscopy, and cell biology.

Speaking to the media yesterday Hon. Lovelace Bobobee Kwadzo Edzor, United Nations Youth MP for Madina said the practical approach was to help students better understand scientific concepts and develop critical thinking skills, by using modern equipment.

Emphasizing the importance of STEM education and its practical applications, encouraging students to take it seriously; He stressed that by providing access to quality science education, the program aims to improve student performance in science subjects and increase their chances of pursuing STEM careers.

"The program's success is expected to lead to improved BECE (Basic Education Certificate Examination) results and increased interest in science and mathematics among students," he said.


Hon. Lovelace Bobobee Kwadzo Edzor disclosed that plans are underway to establish a central lab in the constituency for easy access to STEM education, making it a hub for science learning and innovation.

Partners like the United Nations and UNESCO are encouraged to support this initiative, providing resources and expertise to enhance the program's impact.

He therefore urged students to take advantage of this opportunity and approach maths and science with confidence, knowing that they have the support of their teachers, the community, and the government.

Kumadey Celestine, an instructor from MK Laboratories detailed that the program covers a range of essential science practicals, including density experiments, cell morphology under the microscope, and food testing for carbohydrates using iodine. By conducting these experiments, students will gain a deeper understanding of scientific concepts and develop critical thinking skills.

She encourages students to embrace the practical aspects of science, exploring and discovering its beauty and relevance to everyday life.

Jessica Sena Gomey, a beneficiary of the program expressed her gratitude and commended the organizers for coming up with such an initiative to help them understand science more deeply.

"I'm excited to experience the practical aspects of science in detail, which isn't always possible in every school due to limited resources like microscopes. But here, I can access modern technologies anytime, explore and learn in-depth, and excel in my exams. By using cutting-edge tools, I will gain a deeper understanding that will stick in my mind, making it easier to recall during exams," she stated.

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