Quality education goes beyond mere access - Prof. G. K. T. Oduro

Education Quality education goes beyond mere access - Prof. G. K. T. Oduro

Prof. George K. T. Oduro, an Educational Leadership Scholar and former Pro Vice Chancellor of the University of Cape Coast, has praised the management of Komenda M/A Basic 'B' School for their commitment to quality education anchored on humility.

Speaking at the 90th-anniversary celebration of the school on Friday, June 21, 2024, Prof. Oduro highlighted the significance of the school's motto, ‘Ntsetsee pa na ahobrease’ (Quality education and humility), emphasizing that character has been central to the school's achievements over the past nine decades.

In his guest speech, Prof. Oduro observed that the anniversary theme, ‘Ninety years of quality basic education: achievements, challenges, and the way forward,’ aimed to explore ways to promote and sustain quality basic education. He commended the school for producing professionals in diverse fields, such as teachers, farmers, doctors, traders, nurses, administrators, engineers, politicians, and public intellectuals. Prof. Oduro remarked, "For a school to reach a Stone-Diamond/Emerald age and survive 90 years of socio-economic, competitive, community pressures and political challenges while remaining relevant to Komenda, the KEEA district, the region, and the nation in terms of teaching and learning, is a feat worth celebrating."

Prof. Oduro connected the school's motto to Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 4), which mandates governments to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education for all. He stressed that children should not only have access to education but also receive quality teaching and learning at all levels. "I strongly believe that it is only when access expansion is indexed to quality in the provision and delivery of education that education becomes the key to a nation’s development," he emphasized.

He elaborated on the concept of quality education, explaining that it involves not only intellectual development but also the holistic development of a child's personality. "Quality education develops the heart, the mind, and the hand of the individual for the benefit of themselves and the larger society," he affirmed. He outlined that the development of (i) the mind promotes critical thinking and creativity necessary for productive decision-making, (ii) the heart fosters moral, emotional, and social orientation essential for social cohesion and mutual respect, and (iii) the hand equips children with practical skills and competencies necessary for earning a living and contributing to the economy.

While commending the school for its achievements, Prof. Oduro posed a critical question: "In the next ninety years (2024-2114), will M/A Basic 'B' School still be seen as a school that upholds quality education that balances the development of the head (intellect), heart (character), and hand (skills)?" He expressed concern over the increasing indiscipline in pre-tertiary education and the trend of prioritizing exam preparation over holistic personality development, which has compromised ethics and morality in some schools.

Prof. Oduro challenged the school to maintain its vision of ‘ntsetsee pa na ahobrease’ and not compromise on quality education as it navigates the next ninety years. He urged the headteacher to internalize the school's motto, prioritize the welfare of the students, and address issues affecting their learning with objectivity. "It is important to internalize that the school is a national facility, not a political party organization," he noted.

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