Mahama to invest $3bn to create digital jobs

Feature Article Mahama to invest $3bn to create digital jobs

Creating digital jobs is very important for several reasons:

Economic growth: Digital jobs contribute to economic growth by driving innovation, increasing productivity, and attracting investment. They also have the potential to create new industries and opportunities for entrepreneurship.

Youth employment: Digital jobs provide opportunities for young people to enter the workforce and gain valuable skills in technology and digital literacy. This can help reduce youth unemployment and empower the next generation of workers.

Global competitiveness: In today's digital economy, countries that invest in digital jobs are more likely to remain competitive on the global stage. By developing a skilled workforce in technology and digital industries, countries can attract foreign investment and compete in the global marketplace.

Technological advancement: Creating digital jobs can lead to technological advancements and breakthroughs in various industries. By fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, countries can drive progress and stay at the forefront of technological developments.

Inclusive growth: Digital jobs have the potential to reach marginalised populations and provide opportunities for individuals who may not have access to traditional employment. By creating digital jobs, countries can promote inclusive growth and reduce income inequality.

Against this background, Former President John Mahama who is also the presidential candidate for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the 2024 polls in Ghana has announced plans to invest $3 billion in creating digital jobs in the country. The investment will focus on developing the digital economy and providing opportunities for young people to work in the technology sector.

Mahama believes that investing in digital jobs is crucial for the country's economic growth and development. He has pledged to work with the private sector to create an enabling environment for tech companies to thrive and create employment opportunities for the youth.

The investment will also focus on providing training and skills development for young people to equip them with the necessary tools to succeed in the digital economy. Mahama has emphasised the importanttance of harnessing the potential of technology to drive innovation and create sustainable jobs for the future.

Overall, Mahama's plan to invest $3 billion in creating digital jobs is seen as a positive step towards boosting Ghana's economy and providing opportunities for its young population.

JDM has a solid track record in leveraging technology to drive growth and create a brighter future for the country, and I have no doubt that he will succeed with this intention if given the opportunity to become the next president on December 7.

Anthony Obeng Afrane

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