Be decorous in your utterances ahead of 2024 elections – Clergyman caution politicians

  Sat, 22 Jun 2024
Politics Be decorous in your utterances ahead of 2024 elections – Clergyman caution politicians

The Right Rev Dr. Hilliard Dela Dogbe, Presiding Bishop of A.M.E Zion Church in charge of the Western-West Africa Episcopal District, has advised politicians and all to be wary of fiery language and uphold utmost tolerance in their campaign engagements.

“Ghana is the only country that we have, and it is imperative that we do our best to protect its dignity and its peace.

“Campaigns and engagements based on parochial interest, negative propaganda, and denigrating each other to win power are unhealthy,” he said.

The Clergyman gave the advice at the Second Biennial joint Session of the East, West, and Mid Ghana Conferences of the A.M.E Zion Church in the Central Region.

He admonished electorates to exercise decorum in their political engagements before, during, and after the elections.

“Our political party differences, ethnic differences, and religious differences should not divide us but rather reiterate our unity in diversity,” he said.

He admonished the youth to stay away from being used for violence and other miscreant activities.

The Clergyman said the Church had witnessed growth through a continuous process of education, empowerment and evangelism.

“We continue to look out for our ministers through our robust ministers' welfare program; attended to the construction of churches and schools; sought to empower our youth and young adults; offered relief for our churches and members affected by floods and other disasters.

These efforts, Right Rev Dogbe said were all in an effort to promote the missions mandate and the Kingdom of God.

“In every way possible, we have fostered commitment to Christian missions and continued to strive for the growth and development of the Episcopal,” he said.

He said the Church had paid up retirement benefits and annual pensions for its superannuated ministers, provided support for bereaved families of its ministers and spouses supported their students at Trinity Theological Seminary, among others.

He said the Church had instituted leadership training, supported the development of some schools across the episcopal area, and built retreat and conference center.

The vision to build a retreat and conference centre to serve as a place for rest and contemplation for ministers and their spouses, and a central conference centre for holding meetings.

He said the Janie Speaks A. M. E Zion Mission Hospital, Afrancho, had seen increased attendance due to the introduction of new services.

The facility is now a referral hospital for the Offinso North District and would continued to strive for excellence through quality healthcare delivery, innovation and community service.

He called on Christians, especially across the A. M. E. Zion Church, to live their faith grounded in the ethic of love.

“We strongly encourage our members to foster a spirit of radical hospitality in our congregations, welcoming all persons with the amazing love of Christ.

“As followers of Jesus, we must model authentic love, grace, and integrity in all our relationships, speaking the truth in love to one another,” he said.

He urged government authorities to provide selfless leadership and good governance, and strategic policies to ensure a better Ghana.


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