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Stop crying wolf, wolf, o woman

Stop crying wolf, wolf, o woman

O, ye dear woman that I respected so much and held in high esteem until recently, please stop crying wolf, wolf, for there is none.

Is it not said that the wind fails to get anything that it intensely ferociously chases? Subsequently, whatever the woman in mind wants to acquire by stealth, adopting tactics of intimidation, lies, insults and fabrications, will not materialise, same as it doesn’t happen for the wind.

Is there any need for her to mobilise the seeds of her womb to back her fight for something she has no right to, let alone, having the absolute right?

It’s very shameful and demeaning of her as the eldest sibling to lower herself so low just to diabolically obtain what does not belong to her alone, but the entire siblings.

She cannot acquire what she aspires to have if she will continually stick to her diabolic plans supported by the seeds of her womb.

To possess the lion’s share of her father’s property willed to his children, she is understood to be tarnishing the reputation of her deceased father, claiming she gave some gold to the father to build the house.

If her assertion were true, when and how did she obtain the gold passed to her father to build his house as she claims?

She can scream, run, and attack her victims as much she wants, however, like the wind, she cannot obtain what she wants applying falsehoods, intimidations, and the soiling of the reputation of otherwise innocent persons.

She had better learn what happened to the young shepherd in one of the Aesop’s fables who was always crying wolf, wolf.

“In one of Aesop’s fables, a lonely shepherd boy cried “wolf!” and all the villagers came running, but there was no wolf. Later the boy cried “wolf!” again, and the villagers came running; but again, there was no wolf. Later when the wolf came to attack the sheep, the

boy cried “wolf!” but no one came running, and the sheep were destroyed by the wolf”.

She can keep on running and shouting, “help!, help!, I am being chased, I am being chased”, imaginary but diabolic as it is, she cannot attain her aspirations in this matter of obtaining what is not legally hers.

The very day that you will run, fall, and hurt yourself while executing your usual diabolic antics, false pretences aimed at causing problems to others, there may not be any rescuer around to lift you up back onto your feet, similarly as occurred to the biblical young shepherd who relished in crying wolf, wolf is attacking my sheep whereas it was all false.

The whole world will hear about you, o, ye heartless and ungrateful lot.

Yes, I am not a family member hence shouldn’t poke my long Pinocchio nose into the matter. Nevertheless, if the second and third generation seeds of the womb of the woman can vociferously back her as family members, poking their snout into the inter-siblings’ affairs, so can I, an outsider, get involved.

Any interested or curious person can ask me why and how, and I will gladly explain it to them, if and only if, I feel like doing so but under no obligation.

Her propensity for fabrication and lies is mind-boggling, to say the least.

Being the first to cry help, help, does not necessary mean that you are a victim. You could probably just be staging it to appear innocent in the eyes of the public to earn their sympathy.

This goes to show the saying that the victors could write the history. Thus, the first to cry out for help could get away with murder, telling their stories anyhow and so sweet to make them appear innocent. Is it?

Is this also one of the stupid decisions coming from abroad hence the suggester a fool and stupid?

Mind you, ye bitter and angry persons, you are dealing with the self-styled voice for the voiceless and defender of the defenceless people. Unlike those that you can easily walk over, insult, threaten and falsely accuse of wrongdoings where none has been committed, the writer will give you a run for your audacious fabrications and threats.

Anyway, we are one people with a common destiny so let us bury our differences but must first enjoy and dance to Aseibu Amanfi’s song “ Ka Na wu”.

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Started: 02-07-2024 | Ends: 31-10-2024