Ho Municipal Education Office proposes amendment to Free SHS policy

  Sat, 22 Jun 2024
Education Ho Municipal Education Office proposes amendment to Free SHS policy

Ho Municipal Directorate of the Ghana Education Service has put forward a proposal to amend the current Free Senior High School (SHS) system, to enhance academic focus and promote scholarship.

During a recent stakeholder engagement aimed at improving educational outcomes in the municipality, the Directorate suggested transforming the free SHS policy into a scholarship-based programme.

The directorate proposes that the Free SHS should only be granted to students who achieve aggregates 6 to 25 in their Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE).

The Directorate believes this shift would motivate students to strive for higher academic performance to foster a culture of excellence.

Additionally, it is anticipated that this change would encourage parents to actively support and prepare their children to qualify for the scholarship.

The Directorate expressed concern over the current complacency among students at the basic education level, where many assume automatic admission into senior high schools regardless of their academic performance.

This, according to the Directorate, among other things, has led to a decline in academic diligence and preparedness.

In 2023, only three BECE candidates from the Ho Municipality achieved an aggregate score of 6, emphasising the need for a more rigorous approach to education at the foundational level in the municipality.


The directorate also urged parents to become an active part of their ward’s academic activities.

Another concern raised at the Stakeholder engagement bothered on minors getting involved in riding auto rickshaws also known as ‘Keke’ and other economic activities instead of focusing on extracurricular activities after school.

The directorate announced several initiatives it has initiated to salvage the situation.

The solutions include extra classes in schools to be streamlined or abolished, ineffective supervisors (internal and external) to be reassigned and regular training for new and existing headteachers to enhance their technical skills as professionals.


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