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SSNIT not obliged to consult Organised Labour on asset sales — Freddie Blay

Former NPP National Chairman Freddie BlayFormer NPP National Chairman Freddie Blay

Former NPP National Chairman Freddie Blay says SSNIT is not legally bound to consult with Organised Labour before divesting its assets.

In an interview with Accra-based TV3 aired on the stations The KeyPoint show on Saturday, June 22, Mr. Blay argued SSNIT, as an independent body, has autonomy over its investment decisions.

"SSNIT decided to get involved with hotel management and purchased some hotels...I don’t believe they want to consult TUC before they do that...When you have a decision and they take a decision, the decision is binding; it is one decision," Blay said.

His comments come amid claims by Organised Labour representatives on SSNIT's board that they opposed the hotel sale plan.

But Blay maintained: "I will be surprise that four members of a board taking a decision that we don’t want one hotel to be sold."

He added that he cannot question SSNIT's decision as the government appoints its members.

"I don’t have any problem with that if they decide that as a policy....indeed I’m not too sure when they decided, some tell me that they decided to dispose it as far back as 2015, 2016 when NDC was in office," Blay stated.

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