Analyzing The NPP's Progress, A Year After My Investigation In Ghana

Feature Article Analyzing The NPP's Progress, A Year After My Investigation In Ghana

Many Ghanaians residing abroad, particularly in the United States and the United Kingdom, have been endorsing and defending the corrupt Akufo Addo regime based on tribalism. These writers continue persuading Ghanaians that the NPP is a better government, even though nothing is going smoothly and widespread corruption has severely hurt the nation's economy, businesses, and investments. Therefore, on June 2, 2023, I traveled to Ghana to find out for myself.

During my three weeks in Ghana, I visited the port at Takoradi, the poorly maintained roads, the National Identification Authority office, the polluted River Pra, the Kasoa community on Obom Road in the Ghana Flag community, and a few other locations to find out how things are progressing and what the general public in Ghana is saying about the NPP. To be clear, the purpose of this article is not about witch-hunting but for Ghanaians to judge if the NPP cares or has improved after the publications.


The cargo vessel Grande Angola anchored at the Takoradi harbor between June 3rd and 4th, to deliver only three cars, which should tell any Ghanaian how seriously the NPP government has destroyed the economy.

I filed a report about "The Grande Angola," a ship that anchored at the port to deliver three cars because of Ghana's collapsed economy. The NPP has raised the tariffs dramatically to close the corruption gap, which has had an impact on consumer items as well as imports and exports. I talked to several port workers who were disappointed with the government and some young people who wanted to escape the nation even though they had lost friends on perilous trips to Europe.

I managed to get in touch with the owner of one of the three delivered cars, a Toyota Corolla. He said he paid close to four thousand euros after the car was cleared out of the port. I will still provide the amount he paid since I want my article to be genuine. Has the situation improved, one could ask? No, it hasn't; in the year since this publication, the economy, businesses, and investments have all become worse, and the employment rate under the NPP government has significantly increased.


The importer of the Toyota Corolla paid 43, 967,4 GHC (about $3,99,72.) The price increased to $4,305,5 when the vehicle was finally taken out.

Ghana's main rivers, including the River Pra, have been contaminated by illegal mining, which has also damaged other ecosystems. Since there are more illnesses and birth defects as a result of illegal mining, Akufo Addo promised to address the issue by putting his office online. However, this was just another of his incomprehensible pledges. It appears that the president, who pledged to combat illicit mining, is actively supporting it and receiving a portion of the profits from a man named Bernard Anti-Bosiako.

Why should I believe that Mr. Bosiako has been giving the president profits from his illicit mining? The president appeared out of nowhere to defend Bosiako when the victims of the illicit mining became incensed and began to attack him. Why should Akufo Addo come to his defense is the question? That's easy; Bosiako is giving him his cut of the profits. I was so saddened to see how terrible River Pra was and that I had to speak to it to overthrow the NPP government.


The color of the Pra River should be transparent, but everyone can see that it is a damaged body of water that is spreading diseases to those who depend on it for their survival. Photo credit: Joel Savage

Has anything changed at all for the betterment of the masses who are suffering? Despite all the articles regarding the effects of illicit mining in Ghana, things have gotten worse.

There have been so many controversies, including the accusation of corruption by the National Identification Authority in Accra; therefore, I decided to go there to investigate. There are strict instructions to prevent the taking of photographs and the barring of journalists; however, I managed to get through and publish an article titled “The National Identification Authority Issues Non-citizens Identity Cards For $120 With Only A Year Expiration Date.”


In my opinion, the biggest fraud carried out by the National Identification Authority is the $120 fee for a Ghanaian ID that is valid for just a year and issued to non-citizens. Since many of them were unable to complete their feasibility studies before the card expired, many foreigners who were interested in starting businesses were turned away.

I've been following the host of "Loud Silence TV," Kevin Taylor, for a very long time, and I've seen him bemoan the appalling conditions in Takoradi and Cape Coast often. Mr. Taylor may occasionally criticize particular leaders who he believes have disregarded these areas to their detriment. Up until the day I went to look into the causes of the cessation of commercial operations and the drop in both domestic and foreign investments at the port, I had no idea how severe the situation was in Takoradi.


Since the NPP is aware that whatever the situation, the people will still vote for them, they have ignored and denied Takoradi developments. This is one of the pictures I took at the Paa Grant Roundabout.

Ghanaians may recall that on October 15, 2023, I published an article entitled “These Are The State Of Many Ghanaian Roads That A White Man Visiting The Country From Europe Or America Notices.” Since Akufo Addo informed Ghanaians that Mahama is incompetent and that he will transform Ghana in 18 months when he becomes president, I had high hopes for Ghana when I visited in June 2023. However, I was disappointed when I visited a community in Kasoa-Ghana under Hawa Koomson, a Member of Parliament for Awutu Senya East Constituency.


Hawa Koomson was at the place close to where the residents claim that the stench enters their residences since the entire region has turned into a mosquito breeding ground, causing malaria attacks.

This article, which describes the awful road plagued by mosquitoes and inadequate drainage, has been republished four times. The most recent title is "Afenyo-Markin, Will You Vote For Hawa Koomson If You Live In This Kasoa Community?" Is there any improvement after the publications? Not at all; things continue as they are. I also told Ghanaians in one of the media that Hawa Koomson attended a funeral close to this horrific scene, but she chose not to respond because she believes either Ghanaians are stupid and will undoubtedly vote for her or that Jean Mensa will rig the polls to benefit the NPP.


Hawa Kooson at the funeral of the neighbor who lived near the road prone to mosquito infestation due to inadequate drainage

In summary, I have to let Ghanaians make their own decisions. After reading it, if you think the NPP would improve your life more than the NDC, please vote for them. If, on the other hand, you believe that this government is the most useless in Ghanaian political history, please vote for the NDC.

Which team do you think has the higher chance of winning the 2024 elections?

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