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M-CODe Renews Commitment to Advocating for Improvement in WASH Services

M-CODe and GWJN journalists as well as World Vision Ghana Officials, and Resources PersonsM-CODe and GWJN journalists as well as World Vision Ghana Officials, and Resources Persons

The Media Coalition Against Open Defecation (M-CODe) has reaffirmed its dedication to joining forces with stakeholders in promoting access to safe Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) services in Ghana, particularly in the northern regions.

M-CODe National Convenor, Mr. Francis Ameyibor, who reaffirmed the coalition's commitment to playing a critical role and offering voices to people to speak on WASH, stressed the coalition's desire to intensify efforts in highlighting WASH challenges, promoting menstrual hygiene management, and advancing effective journalism and advocacy in the sector.

Mr. Ameyibor stated this at a Trainer of Trainers workshop organized by the World Vision Ghana for M-CODe and Ghana WASH Journalists Network (GWJN) members on the theme “Repositioning WASH as a Key Driver of National Development” at Ada on Thursday.

The Trainer of Trainee workshop for the M-CODe and GWJN journalists focused on menstrual hygiene management, closing the gaps with particular emphasis on a deeper understanding of the global and national landscape of menstrual hygiene management and exposing journalists to the challenges.

The participants were also equipped with skills and strategies for effective wash journalism and advocacy, which stressed understanding the techniques for effective reportage and advocacy on WASH issues and the need to appreciate ethical standards and adhere to best practices in reportage.

Other critical topics the journalists were equipped with focused on working with World Vision Ghana towards life in all its fullness, which took the M-CODe and the GWJN journalists on the journey of WVG, its structure, operations, and presence, as well as some key interventions and major accomplishments.

Mr. Ameyibor commended World Vision Ghana's efforts in improving lives and looks forward to a collaborative partnership towards achieving "life in all its fullness.

The M-CODe National Convenor, on behalf of the coalition, vowed to utilize their platforms to amplify marginalized voices, share success stories, and inspire action towards creating a Ghana where everyone has access to safe WASH services.

“This commitment is a significant step towards achieving the REPOSITIONING WASH AS A KEY DRIVER OF NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT agenda, and stakeholders are optimistic about the potential impact on the lives of Ghanaians,” Mr. Ameyibor noted.

Speaking on “Menstrual Hygiene Management: Closing the Gaps," Ms. Sandra Boakye, Executive Director of InspireHER, who is an experienced public health practitioner, noted that access to sanitary products is a major problem girls face in the country, which sometimes forces them to resort to unhygienic alternatives.

She said about 60 percent of girls miss school during their periods, affecting their education and future prospects, while MHM-related stigma and taboos perpetuate gender inequality and social exclusion.

Ms. Boakye called for increased investment in MHM education and infrastructure and advocated for policy reforms to address MHM in schools and communities.

She noted that menstruation is a natural part of life, but it shouldn't hold anyone back. Let's work together to close the gaps and ensure every girl and woman has dignity and access to quality MHM.

She reiterated the need to develop a national MHM strategy, establish a task force to implement solutions and engage communities, schools, and religious leaders to address stigma and promote awareness.

“By working together, Ghana can overcome MHM challenges, empowering girls and women to reach their full potential,” Ms. Boakye noted.

Other speakers include Mr. Yaw Attah Arhin, World Vision Ghana WASH Technical Specialist; Auntie Ama Kudom Agyemang, a seasoned media practitioner; and Mr. Justice Lee Adoboe, GWJN National Coordinator.

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