Battle ready to continue from where we left off in 2020

By Godwin Ako Gunn
Article Battle ready to continue from where we left off in 2020

Let me first congratulate the Flagbearer, the Functional Executive Committee, the Political Committee, and all appointed members of the Campaign and Steering Teams. Let me salute you by saying you are well able!! Last year, the rank and file of the Party overwhelmingly endorsed the candidature of H.E. John Dramani Mahama, among other reasons for the 2020 outstanding performance. In fact, if it was not for the chicanery of the EC, the story would have been different.

With that sterling performance, Mr Mahama also maintained Prof Nana Jane Opoku Agyemang and the Functional Executive Committee have also followed suit by appointing Prof Joshua Alabi, the 2020 Campaign Manager to continue from where he left off, as the General Secretary, Fifi Kwetey coordinates the entire elections.

These Campaign and Steering Committees are obviously going to be the face of our campaign. You will get to see the heart and the midfield of the campaign when the Regional and Constituency Teams are announced. That is where the show will be.

The rest of us at the branches will be the legs and pulse of our campaign, where the action is. The victory will be determined by us at the branches, and I am certain that our over 40,000 branches are ready to deliver victory. Brighten the corner where you are by joining the branch near you. The train is in motion.

Watch out for the announcements of the modalities on the membership drive, registration of new members, replacement of lost or damaged membership cards, and the program for the adoption of branches and constituencies soon.

I have had some calls from loved ones asking why some names have been left out of the Campaign and Steering Committees. Knowing the experience and expertise these people come with. My simple answer to them is that …. “Not all blows are exhibited !!!”.

The Committees some of them serve on are too strategic and dangerous to be announced.

Special duties and undercover operations are treated specially!!!

Comrades, we are less than five (5) months away from power. Let’s gird our loins and put ourselves in a battle mood. We are not just in battle with the NPP but with the referee and linesmen, too. But as Joshua and Caleb declared, we are well able !!!

May God grant as life and strength to see with our eyes the better days ahead of us.

Source: Godwin Ako Gunn/ NDC Deputy Communications Officer

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