Ghana lacks a responsible opposition party — NPP's Adomako Kissi

  Fri, 21 Jun 2024
NPP Ghana lacks a responsible opposition party — NPP's Adomako Kissi

Dr. Dickson Adomako Kissi, the Member of Parliament for Anyaa-Sowutuom Constituency in the Greater Accra Region, has sharply criticized the main opposition party, the National Democratic Congress (NDC), labeling it an irresponsible opposition party.

Dr. Adomako Kissi, who recently lost in the New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) primary, expressed these views during an interview on CTV's morning show "Dwabo," hosted by Dr. Desmond Kofi Annan and Harrison Kwaku Ofosu on Friday, June 21, 2024.

Dr. Adomako Kissi asserted that Ghana's development is hampered by the absence of a responsible opposition party.

He emphasized that even in opposition, a party must act responsibly.

He stated, "The major threat to the country’s democracy is the lack of a responsible opposition. ‘’You can oppose the government by being responsible, but the elements in the NDC Minority do not see it that way."

Adding that the NDC is doing a disservice to Ghanaians

Highlighting the challenges faced by Ghana in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Adomako Kissi noted that the country needs to take decisive steps to accelerate its recovery.

He accused the NDC of consistently opposing government initiatives without offering constructive alternatives, thereby acting irresponsibly.

"We all know that we are recovering from the pandemic, and as a country, we need to pick up the pace and double our efforts.

But the NDC only opposes without seeing the need to be responsible," he said.

Dr. Adomako Kissi drew a comparison with Ivory Coast, suggesting that Ghana is lagging because it lacks a responsible opposition.

"Ivory Coast, among others, is far ahead of Ghana because they have a responsible opposition that cares about government business," he claimed.

He called on the NDC to fulfill its duty to Ghanaians by being a responsible opposition to ensure good governance.

The MP also stressed that both parties in Parliament need to act responsibly to prevent the President from vetoing the work of Parliament, which would undermine the Legislature.

He recounted an incident where he arrived in Parliament at 9:00 am, only to find the opposition absent.

Upon inquiry, he was told they were supporting the Minority Leader, Dr. Cassiel Ato Forson, in his court case.

Dr. Adomako Kissi found this worrying, suggesting that the NDC could have delegated a smaller group of MPs to accompany the Minority Leader to court while ensuring parliamentary business continued.

In conclusion, Dr. Adomako Kissi reiterated the importance of responsible behaviour from both the ruling party and the opposition to foster a healthy democratic environment.

He urged the NDC to reconsider their approach and work towards being a constructive and responsible opposition for the benefit of all Ghanaians.


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