June 21: Cedi sells at GHS15.46 to $1, GHS14.41 on BoG interbank

CediRates Spotlight June 21: Cedi sells at GHS15.46 to $1, GHS14.41 on BoG interbank

The Ghanaian cedi has depreciated in both the buying and selling rates against the US dollar, declining by 15 pesewas and 2 pesewas, respectively.

The buying rate as at 10:00 am on Friday, June 21, 2024, is GHS14.79, while the selling rate is also being offered at GHS15.46.

This is based on data provided by, a well-known Ghanaian website for currency and fuel updates.

The Cedi is trading at GHS14.39 on purchasing rate and GHS14.41 selling price at interbank rates against the US dollar.

In comparison to the rates same time on Thursday, the British Pound Sterling has declined in value at the buying rate by 1 pesewa and by 5 pesewas in the selling rate against the Cedi.

The buying and selling rates of the British Pound Sterling are, on average, GHS18.62 and GHS19.60, respectively.

The Euro has increased in value on the buying rate by 13 pesewas but has declined by 2 pesewas on the selling rate against the cedi.

The purchasing and selling rates for the euro are GHS15.70 and GHS16.58, respectively.

The selling price of the pound sterling on the Bank of Ghana interbank market is GHS18.25, 3 pesewas decline from the previous rate.

The euro is currently selling at GHS15.43 on the interbank market, 1 pesewa decline from the previous rate.

Through LemFi and Afriex, people can send money to Ghana from the US or the UK at GHS15.00 and GHS14.98 respectively, for each dollar.

The two money transfer sites are offering buying and selling rates of GHS19.12 and GHS19.44 for the British Pound, respectively.

The only one of the two that updated euro rates on Friday, Afriex, is selling GHS16.14 for €1.

For those who will be renewing their Netflix, Spotify or Apple Music subscriptions through Visa and Mastercard, both payment processors are offering a US dollar for GHS16.26 each.

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