Vote for Bawumia to enhance the lives of future generations — Ahiagbah to Ghanaians

Politics NPP National Communications Director Richard Ahiagbah
NPP National Communications Director Richard Ahiagbah

The National Communications Director of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) is urging Ghanaians to vote for Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia in the upcoming elections to improve the lives of future generations.

In a post on social media Friday, June 21, Richard Ahiagbah emphasized that Bawumia prioritizes meaningful aspects of life over short-term material gains.

According to the ruling party’s spokesperson, this philosophy is what guides the Vice President.

"Success is not merely about our achievements or possessions but about who we are and who we become. This philosophy is the guiding force in Bawumia's life. He prioritizes the meaningful aspects of life over material wealth," Ahiagbah wrote.

Ahiagbah argued that Bawumia's commitment to focusing on substance over fleeting possessions is why Ghanaians should trust him with the presidency in the December elections.

"Bawumia embodies what truly matters—country over politics and the substance of life over fleeting material possessions," the NPP director stated.

He believes Ghana will make greater strides under Bawumia's leadership.

"Ghana will attain higher heights with Bawumia. Is it possible so VOTE for Bawumia to become Ghana's next President..." Ahiagbah concluded in his post rallying support for Bawumia.

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