'I did some bad things I don't regret doing; I've just picked the lessons' — Peace FM's Kwami Sefa Kayi

Headlines 'I did some bad things I don't regret doing; I've just picked the lessons' — Peace FM's Kwami Sefa Kayi

Kwami Sefa Kayi, the celebrated host of Peace FM's Kokrokoo Morning Show, has reflected on his past actions, acknowledging that they have been instrumental in his personal growth and development.

During a discussion on Peace FM, Sefa Kayi admitted that he had made choices in his youthful days he will not repeat today, emphasizing that those bad experiences have been valuable lessons rather than showing regret.

He expressed that, although some actions did not yield the expected outcomes, he has no regrets and appreciates the wisdom gained from those bad experiences.

"I wouldn't say I have significant regrets; instead, I see many opportunities for learning. I have made both right and wrong choices.

“Where things didn't go as planned, there is some regret, but I view those instances as lessons learned. As you grow older, you gain wisdom," he shared.

Sefa Kayi highlighted that his journey in life, marked by both successes and mistakes, has shaped his current perspective and contributed to his well-respected reputation.

"There are things I did in my teens, twenties, and thirties that I would not do now. It's not because of deep regret, but because I have learned from those experiences. You learn to do things better based on what you have been through," he added.

These reflections were part of Sefa Kayi's discussion on life lessons, coinciding with the celebration of his 54th birthday on Thursday, June 20, 2024.

Listen to him in the video below:

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