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I am not a professionally trained statistician, nor do I pretend to be one. But on any good day, I could readily decipher or see through what genuinely passes or makes for a scientifically objective survey and the kind of mathematical or arithmetic fluff that Mr. Kwabena Danso-Dapaah has just presented to his readers and captive audiences in the dubious name of a “skirt-and-blouse” polling pattern that has a thoroughly politically spent and jaded and grossly incompetent twice-defeated, one-term former President John “I Have No Classmates In Ghana” Dramani Mahama well ahead of the widely presumed Next President of our beloved Sovereign Democratic Republic of Ghana, namely, Vice-President Mahamudu Bawumia (See “Split votes: Mahama outperforms PCs among floating voters, Bawumia lags behind” 6/13/24).

Now, the first problem that we have here with this hocus-pocus fluff that purports to be a Global Info Analytics-conducted opinion poll report is the fact that readers are not presented with any Standard Scientific Polling Deviation or Sampling Margin of Error. The report also does not tell readers precisely how many eligible and/or registered Ghanaian voters had been opinion-polled or surveyed or been questioned in order to arrive at the various percentages respectively apportioned by the pollsters to both Vice-President Bawumia and the Serial and the Dynastic Presidential Candidate of the country’s main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC). Readers are also not informed about the magnitude or the number of registered voters who claim to be bona fide members, respectively, of the ruling New Patriotic Party and the country’s main opposition National Democratic Congress.

We also don’t know anything about the ideological suasions of these so-called Floating Voters, who could very well be registered bona fide members of such splinter but legitimately registered and recognized left-leaning political parties as the rump-Convention People’s Party (r-CPP), the Butterfly Party or the so-called Movement for Change, a purely opportunistic and decidedly bogus enterprise created by professional New Patriotic Party gigolo out to hugely profit from his self-proclaimed political investment at the expense of an already wantonly exploited Ghanaian electorate, and the Liberal Party of Ghana (LPG), widely purported to be sponging on its putative New Patriotic Party host, to name only a couple of the dozen, or so, officially registered political parties in the country.

In short, the obvious assumption here is that, somehow, Ghanaian citizens and voters woefully lack the kind and level of sophistication and critical-thinking skills routinely associated with the electorate in such advanced constitutional democracies as the United States of America, Australia, Canada and Japan, just to name a few. And also, just how many Floating Voters were the Global Info Analytics pollsters able to scientifically determine are actually floating voters and not merely some paid mischief-makers cynically parading as such; as well, precisely what percentage of the total number of Ghana’s National Voters’ Register do these Floating Voters constitute or represent?

You see, you just can’t casually and speciously pass off any Kwaku Ananse-concocted figures and “poetically” fabricated percentages as the scientific “IT” or the proverbial Real McCoy. At any rate, the real polling that matters is that which is scheduled to take place in the polling booth come December 7, 2024, though it is all-too-crystal-clear that the results of this patently bogus Global Info Analytics polling is unarguably meant to gaslight unsuspecting Ghanaian citizens and voters, especially members and supporters, as well as sympathizers of the desperate leadership of the National Democratic Congress’ institutional establishing, into preparing well ahead of schedule a seemingly palpable pretext for contesting the results of an election in which they are clearly certain to lose by a seismic margin. It is a blame-game prelude and rehearsal to an obviously catastrophic defeat for the National Democratic Congress in the 2024 General Election and absolutely nothing else!

As well, an 84-percentage support among the core or the base membership of the ruling New Patriotic Party’s being presently in favor of a Mahamudu Bawumia Presidency may very well number well over and above the 97-percentage of the bought-and-paid-for core or base members of National Democratic Congress’ affiliates who have declared their intention to vote for Dynastic Candidate-General John “Gnassingbe” (European Airbus Payola) Dramani Mahama. We should also not forget the Kennedy Ohene Agyapong supporters whose favorite defeated Presidential Candidate has already pledged his staunch support for Vice-President Mahamudu Bawumia. Then, of course, there is also the already well-established percentage of diehard Bawumia backers, coming from the 2020 General Election, which clearly indicates that there could be a solid blowout Presidential-Election Victory in favor of a twice seismically elected Vice-President Bawumia, even as the parliamentary support for the New Patriotic Party as a whole significantly tumbles, which I sincerely doubt will really happen.

Ultimately, though, what really matters most are the established respective job performance track records of the country’s main opposition National Democratic Congress and its nauseatingly recycled politically spent payola-addicted kleptocrat and kleptomaniacal Presidential Candidate, on the one hand, and the inimitably progressive, visionary and scientific and technologically savvy and administratively incomparable Vice-President Mahamudu Bawumia.

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By Kwame Okoampa-Ahoofe, Jr., PhD
Professor Emeritus, Department of English
SUNY-Nassau Community College
Garden City, New York
June 13, 2024
E-mail: [email protected]

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