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2024 election: It’s a ‘make’ and ‘unmake’ me affair; take a strong, uncompromising position — Sam Korankye-Ankrah urges police

2024 election: It’s a ‘make’ and ‘unmake’ me affair; take a strong, uncompromising position — Sam Korankye-Ankrah urges police

The Apostle-General of the Royalhouse Chapel International (RCI), Rev. Sam Korankye-Ankrah, has made a passionate appeal to the Ghana Police Service to separate partisan politics from their work.

According to him, this call is particularly crucial as the country approaches the 2024 general elections, a time when the hopes of the electorate are heavily reliant on the police and other security services to ensure peace and uphold the integrity of Ghana’s democracy.

During a visit to the Northern Region for the "Encounter With The Oil" event, Rev. Korankye-Ankrah met with the police command in Tamale.

He emphasized the need for the police to remain resolute and impartial in their duties, given the high stakes in the upcoming elections.

"This is an election year, and Ghana will be looking to the police for security and for a smooth process before, during, and after the 2024 elections. This year's election is dicey on many fronts: religious, economic conditions, and the fact that both leading candidates hail from the north and are related. This election is a ‘make me’ or ‘unmake me’ affair," he stated.

Rev. Korankye-Ankrah further stressed that the police and other security services must “adopt a strong, solid, and uncompromising stance to ensure the protection of citizens, institutions, and the nation’s democracy.”

He assured the police of his spiritual support and prayers as they carry out their duties.

"On this score, I urge the police to be non-partisan and impartial. As clergy, particularly myself as the Apostle-General, we pledge our support in prayer. We are praying for the welfare and well-being of our nation and our democratic practices," he added.

Rev. Korankye-Ankrah cautioned politicians, especially those who make unfulfilled promises, that the church will play a role in holding them accountable.

He declared that the days of empty promises are over, and the church will ensure that politicians deliver.

"We, the church, will engage with anyone chosen by the people. However, we are warning politicians that the era of unfulfilled promises is over. This time, our eyes are very red, and we will call power to account. Politicians must perform what they promise because the people will no longer be taken for granted," he emphasized.

Gideon Afful Amoako
Gideon Afful Amoako

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