‘I’ve heard your demands and I’ll address them’ — President Ramaphosa to South Africans

Headlines President of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa
President of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa

President Cyril Ramaphosa of South Africa says he has heard the demands of his citizens and is committed to addressing them during his second term in office.

In his inauguration speech on Wednesday, June 19, following his election for a second term, Ramaphosa said "Through their votes they have made clear that they want the basic necessities of a life that is comfortable, happy, healthy and secure."

He acknowledged that South Africans "want enough food to eat. Water that is clean. Affordable electricity that is available at all times. Decent homes that keep out the wind, the rain and the cold. Well-maintained roads and street lights that work."

The president also noted demands for "well-taught" youth, care for the elderly and jobs for the unemployed.

He said the people "have spoken of their desire to be safe in their homes, on the street, in their cities, in their villages and on their farms."

In a direct response, Ramaphosa told the gathered crowd: "I have heard you. As the President of the Republic, I will work with everyone to reach out and work with every political party and sector that is willing to contribute to finding solutions to the challenges our country faces."

He committed to building "a growing and inclusive economy that creates jobs for millions of job seekers and offer business opportunities to all entrepreneurs."

Ramaphosa said the new government of national unity would pursue this objective through its economic recovery plan.

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