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A quick note to Nigel Guy Stonham - who wants passionate conservationists to purchase rainforests to save them

A quick note to Nigel Guy Stonham - who wants passionate conservationists to purchase rainforests to save them

My dear Nigel,
For what its worth, this is what decades of fighting a losing mooted conservation-through-ecotourism initiative battle (which has proven to be a Sisyphean task, more or less - to preserve his family's freehold 14-square mile biodiversity rich upland evergreen rainforest property in the Akyem Juaso section of the designated Globally Significant Biodiversity Area (GSBA), which the Atewa Range encompasses), has taught this uneducated DEI old fool and ignoramus, lucky enough to be a steward of land passed on to his generation to preserve for future generations of his family:

Because of the beneficial and invaluable ecosystem services they provide humans, and all the other life forms we share the planet with, rainforests are priceless - and are actually worth more than all the minerals underneath them combined. They cannot be purchased for that reason.

What can be done to attract impactful investment in rainforests, however, might be to make forest conservation a tax free business activity, globally - to help unlock some of the value in them, through innovative green economy ecotourism entrepreneurship for example: which generates wealth that remains locally, and also creates fulfilling jobs that enable locals in fringe-forest communities to live well, and become incentivised (through lived experiences), to actively support rainforest preservation. Does that make sense? No?

Yet another idea, is for those who cannot travel to rainforests to hike through trails criss-crossing them, or engage in adventurous activities such as birdwatching, white water rafting, traversing forest canopy walkways, etc., etc., to join fellow Europeans who have actually travelled to some of the world's rainforests, to launch a campaign to convince Austrian and other European companies (such as giant supermarket chains, airlines and logistics sector companies), to neutralise some of their carbon footprint, by paying into an EU fund that provides locals in fringe forest communities who devote their lives to helping protect the world's rainforests, with universal basic income monthly compensation payments: a global strategic conservation move that might also be useful, if implemented. No?

Be that as it may, perhaps focusing on a myriad of activist conservation initiatives, and on-the-ground activities, including the forest-preservation baby-steps outlined above, rather than expending precious collective energy solely on raising funds to purchase priceless rainforests that no amount of money can buy, might be a tad more attainable, don't you think? No?

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Started: 02-07-2024 | Ends: 31-10-2024