Private security organisations should desist from using unauthorised uniforms — Interior Ministry warns

Headlines Minister of Interior Henry Quartey
Minister of Interior Henry Quartey

The Ministry of Interior has vowed to crack down on private security organisations using unauthorised uniforms in Ghana.

In a statement released on Tuesday, June 18, the Ministry said it would arrest individuals found wearing uniforms not approved by regulations.

This comes after two people were arrested last week for wearing military-style uniforms, which are not allowed for private security guards.

"The Ministry of the Interior wishes to caution all Private Security Organisations using unauthorised uniforms to desist from that or will be arrested by the Police and face the law", said the statement from the Ministry's Chief Director, Mrs Doreen P. Annan.

According to the regulations, private security guards are only permitted to wear white, cream, mauve or yellow shirts with specific trousers.

Military-style camouflage and uniforms similar to the police or other security agencies are prohibited.

The Ministry said it has been closely monitoring private security companies since beginning sensitisation efforts last year.

"The Ministry cautions all Private Security Organisations to comply with the regulations, wear only the approved uniforms and operate within their limit otherwise the Police will arrest and act against any organisation or individuals who fail to comply with the regulations and face the law," the statement added.

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