Ghana held down by over-reliance on external aid — Lord Boateng

Headlines Lord Paul Boateng, Member of the United Kingdom House of Lords
Lord Paul Boateng, Member of the United Kingdom House of Lords

Lord Paul Boateng, a member of the British House of Lords has criticized Ghana's continued dependence on external aid.

Speaking at the 2024 Annual Leadership Lecture organized by the University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA) on Tuesday, June 18, Boateng said aid dependence is one of the factors holding Ghana back.

"We are held down in an impoverished and conflicted gesture by the dependence on external aids and the great powers," Lord Boateng, who previously served as the UK's High Commissioner to South Africa, told the gathering.

He argued that powerful nations and their local collaborators have exploited Africa's resources to enrich themselves while leaving the continent impoverished.

"Those great powers, who have fed and continue to feed on Africa’s resources with their willing collaborators, have pulled Africa down in an impoverished and conflicted posture," Lord Boateng stated.

The first Black British government minister stressed that Ghana and other African nations must reduce their reliance on foreign aid in order to accelerate development and gain true independence.

"Say it isn’t so. And if it is so, it shouldn’t be so. We cannot allow it to continue to be so. Leadership must be at the heart of our response," he urged Ghanaian leaders.

Lord Boateng's remarks come at a time when Ghana still receives significant amounts of aid from bilateral and multilateral donors despite being classified as a resource-rich country.

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