Clean cooking: $260 million World Bank financing to subsidize cost of stoves and accessories

Headlines Clean cooking: $260 million World Bank financing to subsidize cost of stoves and accessories

The government of Ghana has received $260 million in financing from the World Bank to accelerate the nation's transition to clean cooking solutions.

The funding, comprising a $250 million credit and $10 million grant, will support Ghana's Energy Sector Recovery Programme, which aims to improve the sustainability and reliability of the country's electricity sector while increasing access to clean cooking.

A key component of the four-year programme will be boosting adoption of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) for cooking among Ghanaian households, schools, and businesses.

“The Clean Cooking Component of the Programme will increase the access of Ghanaian households, schools, and businesses to Liquified Petroleum Gas for domestic and commercial use. The PforR will provide direct incentives to subsidize the cost of stoves and accessories," said a statement from the Ministry of Finance on Tuesday, June 18.

The incentives are expected to make infrastructure for clean cooking, such as LPG stoves and cylinders, more affordable for Ghanaians.

This could help accelerate the country's transition away from polluting fuels like wood and charcoal, which are currently used by the majority of households for cooking.

"Our access to sustainable energy is not just about powering homes and businesses, it's about empowering communities, protecting the environment, and fostering inclusive and sustainable development," Minister of Finance, Dr Mohammed Amin Adam, stated in the release.

Improving access to clean cooking is crucial to advance progress on health, climate, and sustainable development, he added.


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