There are challenges but Nigeria isn't the only country facing them — Tinubu

Headlines President od the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Bola Ahmed Tinubu
President od the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Bola Ahmed Tinubu

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has acknowledged that Nigeria is facing significant challenges such as poverty, violence, and economic sabotage.

However, he stressed that all countries face difficulties and it is up to Nigerians to overcome issues through unity and hard work.

In a statement released by his spokesperson Ajuri Ngelale on Tuesday, June 18, Tinubu said "Yes, there is poverty; there is suffering in the land. We are not the only people facing such, but we must face our challenges."

He pointed out that banditry and terrorism are preventing farmers from cultivating food, and poor infrastructure is further damaging agricultural output.

The President said that changing attitudes will be key to progress.

“The need (for some citizens) to change the rent-seeking mindset and become more productive to the economy is a challenge. The need to stop smuggling and all economic sabotage,” noted Tinubu.

He called on Nigerians to "embrace the campaign to change our value system."

Tinubu recognized the scale of the task, saying "It is daunting, but we cannot run away from the fact that this country must survive the hardship."

However, he expressed confidence that through cooperation and hard work, Nigeria can overcome its difficulties.

“It is great pride for me to have the best of partners in the National Assembly. We have to drill down and be all-inclusive in our bid to satisfy our people,” the Nigerian leader remarked.

"We must find a way to eliminate banditry and terrorism so that farmers can bring out food from the farmland. If you do not have good roads to bring the food to the population, even if you grow the food and you are losing 60-70 per cent to damages, you will pay the price,” he stressed.

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