Mahama's vision on agriculture and agribusiness

Feature Article Mahama's vision on agriculture and agribusiness

Agriculture and agribusiness are crucial for food security, economic growth, rural development, environmental stewardship to manage natural resources and biodiversity, food sovereignty, trade and exports; and job creation.

There are others: supplying raw materials to industries, climate change mitigation, driving innovation and technology, producing nutritious food, supporting well-being, and promoting healthy lifestyles; and maintaining ecosystem balance, pollination, and soil health, just to mention a few.

Knowing the critical role agriculture and agribussiness play in our country, the 2024 flag-bearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), H.E. John Dramani Mahama, has outlined a vision for agriculture and agribusiness in Ghana that focuses on modernising the sector, increasing productivity, and promoting sustainable development.

Some key aspects of Mahama's vision on agriculture and agribusiness include:

Modernisation of agriculture: Mahama has emphasised the need to modernise Ghana's agricultural sector by promoting the adoption of modern farming techniques, technologies, and practices. This includes the use of mechanisation, irrigation, and improved seeds to increase productivity and efficiency.

Value addition and agribusiness development: Mahama has highlighted the importance of adding value to agricultural products and promoting agribusiness development in Ghana. This involves supporting smallholder farmers to access markets, processing facilities, and financial services to enhance their income and livelihoods.

Infrastructure development: He intends to continue his prioritisation of infrastructure development in rural areas to support agricultural activities, such as the construction of roads, storage facilities, and market centres. Improved infrastructure can help reduce post-harvest losses, increase market access, and enhance the overall competitiveness of the agricultural sector.

Climate-smart agriculture: Mahama has advocated for the adoption of climate-smart agricultural practices to mitigate the impact of climate change on agriculture. This includes promoting sustainable land management, water conservation, and resilience-building measures to ensure the long-term viability of the sector.

Youth and women empowerment: JDM has emphasised the importance of empowering youth and women in agriculture by providing them with training, resources, and support to engage in farming and agribusiness activities. This includes promoting entrepreneurship, access to credit, and market linkages for young and female farmers.

In all, Mahama's vision on agriculture and agribusiness in Ghana aims to transform the sector into a modern, sustainable, and inclusive industry that contributes to food security, economic growth, and poverty reduction in the country.

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