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Narcissism: The NPP’s culture of intolerance

Narcissism: The NPP’s culture of intolerance

When a person or a group of people in a society have an unreasonably high sense of their own importance beyond their actual importance, to the extent that they seek too much attention and want people to willingly or unwillingly admire them, it qualifies them to be called narcissists. People with this kind of attitude feel they are above criticism, but can criticise, they lack the ability to understand or care about the feelings of others.

What is good for the goose is equally good for the gander. Politics is about differences of ideas and therefore tolerance must be pivotal in our national discourse. It is important to engage in politics of maturity in this our young democracy because it increases societal pluralism through encouraging tolerance, such as respecting others’ rights, respecting diversity of individual’s views and of other political groupings.

A few days ago, I was having a political discussion with my friend who is based in the UK Thomas Nicholas (Bra Tommy). He is a staunch supporter of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), whiles I belong to Ghana’s development and progress. I respect his decision to belong to where he belongs; however, I always try to show him why the NDC is a better alternative to the NPP as far as national development is concerned. Bra Tommy is a very nice gentleman, I respect him, but he’s exhibiting some narcissistic behaviours as most other NPP supporters do.

In all my discourse with Bra Tommy, I dwell on facts and figures without resorting to emotions and prejudice. I have a strong conviction that the NDC builds Ghana whiles the NPP dwells in sloganeering and public relations gimmicks without substance. We usually send voice messages to each other on whatsapp to express our views.

On this occasion, Bra Tommy muted something that is typical of the NPP’s ways of thinking. He said to me “why are you not supporting your own Muslim brother Dr.Mahamudu Bawumia?” I was extremely taken aback by this statement, not because of the religious card he was trying to play, but because of the motives behind his statement. I then asked him “Why are you also not supporting your Christian brother John Dramani Mahama?” There was no reply from him for some days.

After some days, Bra Tommy sent me an old clip of former president Kutu Acheampong admonishing Ghanaians against attacking our government and how doing so tarnishes the image of the country to the international community. He then sent an audio explaining why we should desist from criticising the Akufo-Addo-Bawumia led government.

I replied that has he forgotten how the NPP criticised, attacked, vilified and denigrated the government of former president John Dramani Mahama when he was in office. I sent him links to the numerous attacks and demonstrations that were held against H.E. John Mahama, outside the shore of this country, in places such as the UK, Germany, USA, etc. whenever he was on international assignment.

Unfortunately, Tommy’s views is not an exception to the rule, it is the norm, values and belief of the NPP. This is typical of the NPP, they believe they are a distinctive and above reproach. They think, they have the monopolistic right to criticise but when the same criticism is returned to them, they think it is a sacrilege to do so.

It is high time the NPP accept that, politics is a cross fertilisation of ideas, views and beliefs. All the Civil Service Organisations and the academics who criticised former president John Mahama to the delight of the NPP have suddenly been tagged as enemies of the NPP because of their criticism of the Akufo-Addo-Bawumia led administration.

Why would one think that every Muslim must support a Muslim candidate, whiles they themselves Christians have the right to desert a Christian candidate?

Why would one criticise, a particular political party and denigrate its leader as if their life depended on it, but when the table turns and the favour is returned to them, they cry wolf and begin to read the patriotism scriptures?

The double standards and intolerance of the NPP must stop, we are all Ghanaians of equal standards, and they should be ready to accept criticisms and divergent views just as the NDC tolerated their criticisms, because “what is good for the goose is also good for the gander” as the saying goes.

The current sorry state of this country is as a result of the government’s intransigence, obduracy, arrogance and chicanery; they are allergic to criticisms and divergent views. Any divergent or opposing view is considered an enemy view, it is therefore not surprising that all statesmen who hitherto spoke truth to power have been cowed into submission and condemned to oblivion, even though some of them are just hypocrites.

The best way out of our current predicament, anguish and tribulation is to vote massively against the intolerant, unflinching and uncompromising NPP on 7th December 2024, it is a call to service and we cannot affod to decline.

Awudu Razak Jehoney

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