Jack Alolome holds spirit-filled worship at PIWC West Hills

By Gideon Baiden || Contributor
Religion Jack Alolome holds spirit-filled worship at PIWC West Hills

Renowned gospel musician Jack Alolome captivated worshippers at the Pentecost International Worship Centre (PIWC) West Hills during their Holiday Prayers fellowship.

The gathering, designed to help Christians begin their holidays with a focus on God, featured an electrifying and spirit-filled worship session led by Alolome.

His heartfelt praise and worship set the tone for the event, demonstrating his ability to connect deeply with the congregation. Attendees were visibly moved, lifting their voices and hearts in unison, creating an atmosphere charged with spiritual fervor.

Following the worship session, Pastor Philip Pascal Asiedu delivered a compelling sermon centered on "Effectual Fervent Prayer," drawing from James 5:16. He highlighted several key points to encourage and empower the congregation in their prayer lives:

1. Effective Prayers are Biblical Prayers: Pastor Pascal emphasized that prayers grounded in scripture hold immense power, citing, "It is written" as a binding phrase that aligns our petitions with God's will.

2. Fervency in Prayer: He stressed the importance of zeal, passion, and focus in prayer, urging believers to pray with energy and without distractions, harnessing the full potential of fervent prayer.

3. Dimensions of Righteousness: The sermon explored two critical aspects of righteousness. The first dimension is our inherent state of being righteous before God. The second dimension involves actively walking in purity and striving for holiness in our daily lives.

4. Knowing Your Authority: Pastor Pascal encouraged the congregation to recognize and exercise their God-given authority in prayer, reinforcing the power believers possess when they pray with faith and conviction.

The Holiday Prayers at PIWC West Hills not only set a spiritually enriching tone for the holiday but also provided a rejuvenating experience for all attendees. Jack Alolome's exceptional worship session and Pastor Pascal's insightful sermon combined to create an unforgettable time in the Lord's presence, inspiring Christians to deepen their prayer lives and remain steadfast in their faith.

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