Hon. Joseph Archibald advocates for infrastructure development and tax reductions to boost NPP's electoral prospects

By Rita Mawuli Scot II Contributor
NPP Hon. Joseph Archibald advocates for infrastructure development and tax reductions to boost NPP's electoral prospects

Hon. Joseph Archibald, a prominent entrepreneur and politician with Ghana’s ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), recently outlined critical strategies for ensuring the party's continued success in the upcoming elections.

In a bold statement, Archibald emphasized the necessity of robust infrastructure development and significant tax reductions to secure the NPP’s goal of "breaking the 8" – a term used to describe winning a third consecutive term in office.

Archibald stressed the urgency of completing both ongoing and abandoned road construction projects throughout the country. He argued that a comprehensive infrastructure overhaul is essential for driving economic growth and improving connectivity between regions. "For the government to break the 8, all infrastructure and road projects must be completed," Archibald asserted. He highlighted that well-maintained roads are crucial for facilitating trade, enhancing access to markets, and promoting regional development

In addition to infrastructure development, Archibald called for a reduction in taxes. He argued that lower taxes would provide direct benefits to taxpayers, stimulate economic activity, and encourage investment. "Reducing taxes is essential so that Ghanaian who pay taxes can truly benefit," he stated. Archibald pointed out that a lower tax burden would increase disposable income, allowing individuals and businesses to reinvest in the economy, thereby driving growth and job creation

The NPP has made significant strides in infrastructure development over recent years, launching numerous road projects aimed at improving the country’s transportation network. These efforts are part of the broader "Year of Roads" initiative, which seeks to address infrastructural deficiencies and promote equitable development across Ghana. Notable projects include the construction and rehabilitation of key highways and feeder roads, which are vital for connecting rural areas to urban centers and facilitating the movement of goods and people.

Archibald’s remarks align with the NPP’s broader governance strategy, which prioritizes infrastructure as a catalyst for economic development. The government's commitment to completing critical infrastructure projects and reducing taxes underscores its focus on creating a conducive environment for business and improving the quality of life for all Ghanaian. These initiatives are seen as pivotal in securing public support and ensuring electoral success in the forthcoming elections

Hon. Joseph Archibald’s call to action highlights the importance of sustained infrastructure development and tax reforms as key components of the NPP’s strategy to maintain political dominance. By addressing these areas, the government can foster economic growth, improve regional connectivity, and enhance the standard of living for Ghanaian, thereby solidifying its electoral prospects in the next cycle.

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