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Note on faux pas Mother's /Father’s Day

Note on faux pas Mother's /Father’s Day

[I wrote this for the Mother’s Day, I feel the same thing about the so-called Father’s Day.]

“Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee.” - Exodus 20:12 KJV

As soon as their parents get feeble, Europeans dump them in Old People’s Homes, like some discarded rags.

A monthly or bí-monthly visits are deemed great occasions, and are conducted with great fanfare!

I will never understand how a people came up with the crazy (actually unconscionable) idea of treating those who gave birth to them and nurtured them at the most vulnerable time in their lives like a huge burden.

Parents support you when you were incapable of supporting yourself, only for you to abandon them when they can no longer support themselves.

And you expect us to believe that you have a SOUL?

To salve their consciences after dumping their aged parents in homes, Europeans do what they do best, that’s to organize huge hooplas to celebrate something which doesn’t come to them naturally.

We are told that today is “Mother’s Day.”

Unfortunately and, rather sadly, we have many Africans jumping up and down to join in the faux celebrations.

If only we will spend just a fraction of the time we spend in mimicrying Europe in studying our own culture, we will not be caught wasting our time in ideas other people created to fill their voids.

To a properly brought-up Yoruba, the idea of a “Mother’s Day” is not only laughable, it is patently ridiculous.

The reasons are simple:
1. To a Yoruba, few things evokes as much fear as a mother’s curse. Take a look at this saying: Ọmọ ti o bà mọ Iya ẹ lóju, óṣi ni yió tà ọmọ na pà / The child that disrespect his mother will die of poverty.

2. Yoruba respect their fathers, but they VENERATE their mothers. We can see this in the following sayings:

  1. Oriṣà bi Iya kó si / There’s no god like a mother.
  2. Iya ni urà, Baba ni diigi / Mothers are gold, fathers are mere mirrors/reflections.

It’s quite sad that in Africa, we spend vast resources on education which produces only alienated, self-hating, self-loathing graduates who have been thoroughly indoctrinated to consider themselves as reaching the Apogee of life when they can successfully APE other people’s culture!

Terribly Sad!
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