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ABOK Muslim Chief urged Imams to preach peace during Eid sermons

By Muhammed Faisel Mustapha || Contributor
ABOK Muslim Chief urged Imams to preach peace during Eid sermons

The Paramount Muslim Chief of Aplaku, Bortianor, Oshiyie, and Kokrobite (ABOK), Sarki Salifu Attram, has urged all Imams in Ghana to focus their Eid sermons on promoting peace before, during, and after the upcoming general elections.

He emphasized that since the youth, who are often targeted by political parties to incite trouble during elections, are largely present at Eid gatherings, Imams should seize this opportunity to educate them on the importance of being ambassadors of peace as the December polls approach.

In his annual Eid message to the global Muslim community, the ABOK Muslim Chief highlighted Ghana's reputation for promoting democracy and being the gateway to Africa. He called for collective efforts to protect Ghana’s hard-won reputation.

He stated that this year's election is a critical test for Ghana to demonstrate to the world that its democracy is robust and unassailable, ensuring peaceful and incident-free elections. He suggested that this could be achieved if chiefs, opinion leaders, and clergy collaborate to establish a framework for all political parties to follow, preventing violence before, during, and after the election.

Sarki Salifu Attram further urged Imams to candidly address any politicians who may attend Eid gatherings, advising them to stop using Muslim youth for activities that could jeopardize the peace in Ghana. He also cautioned Imams against allowing political parties to use Eid grounds as campaign platforms, noting that in the past, such actions have led to chaos due to minor favors from political parties.

He advised the youth to resist being used as tools for political violence ahead of the general elections and called on parents to encourage their children to be cautious of politicians who might exploit them to create unrest.

The youth should instead focus on holding politicians accountable for fostering development in their communities, Sarki Attram added. He also advised political parties to conduct their campaigns respectfully, avoiding insults and abusive language that could create unnecessary tension in the country.

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