Picasso Museum in Paris opens artist's rare archives to the internet

Europe Picasso Museum in Paris opens artist's rare archives to the internet

The Picasso Museum in Paris this week launched an online portal that provides access to tens of thousands of little-seen photos, artworks and other memorabilia from the iconic artist's archives.

It comes ahead of a study centre dedicated to Pablo Picasso, due to open near the museum later this year, for researchers and artists in residence.

The digital portal opens up access to the museum's vast collection of artworks, essays, conferences, podcasts and interviews.

Many have never before been accessible to the public, including some 19,000 photos.

In the coming years, some 200,000 texts from Picasso's workshops will also be digitised and uploaded.

Picasso was born in 1881 in Spain and lived almost all his life in France, where he died in 1973. The family entrusted his archives to the French state in 1992.

Patchwork of influences

France held several exhibitions throughout 2023 to mark 50 years since his death. 

Meanwhile the Paris Picasso Museum opened a new exhibition on Tuesday, "Picasso: Consuming Images".

It places dozens of famous works by Picasso alongside the historical masters that inspired him – including Poussin, Rembrandt, Delacroix, Goya and Matisse – as well as many other images and concepts that he drew from.

Based on four themes that run through Picasso's work – the hero, the Minotaur, the voyeur and the musketeer – the exhibition highlights how the artist's paintings, sculptures and drawings derive from a complex amalgam of influences.

"Picasso grew up with a flood of new images and works that he went to see in person in Paris museums," said curator Cécile Godefroy.

But the images he absorbed went way beyond high culture, she added, saying that his fascination with postcards, art magazines, photographs, television images, cinema, comic strips and advertising presaged the torrent of images we consume in the age of social media.

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