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Are we not hurrying our own extinction as a species?

Are we not hurrying our own extinction as a species?

Dear critical-reader, a story by Interesting Engineeering's hardworking and brilliant Ameya Palejo, entitled: "MIT spin-off plans to extract 10x more energy from 700°F superhot rocks" (, got one thinking.

Although one admits to being out of one's depth here, and acknowledges that one might be talking complete nonsense, lol, the story nonetheless got one mulling over some of the enormous risks humans take, in our quest for cheap and abundant energy to power human civilisation's progress - if one understood the import of the story correctly, that is, lol.

Apparently the MIT power sector spun-off start-up, Quaise Energy’s "millimeter wave drilling concept is designed for venturing into areas where oil and gas industries haven’t gone so far." Interesting. Quite. Hmmm, 3y3asem oooo...

Be that as it may, when an ignoramus and uneducated 71-year DEI old fool like one reads such fare, one scratches one's bald pate, and ask one's self the simple question: What is the guarantee that tapping energy from such depths will not unleash uncontrollable lava flow that might eventually be apocalyptically destructive? Hmmm, life...

Furthermore, should we not also consider that it is not beyond the realms of possibility that such unleashed lava flow, might actually end up being apocalyptically destructive to the extent of actually threatening humankind's very existence on a beleaguered biosphere that is currently our only hospitable home (and also happens to be, relatively, the most conducive habitat for all the other life forms we share it with), by ending up overwhelming most of it and making it ultimately uninhabitable for all lifeforms? Haaba.

Surely, focusing on nuclear fusion, for example, makes better sense if such risks are to be taken by innovative minds that so clearly are ignoring the potential negative impacts of their quest for cheap and abundant energy? No? Why should hard-of-hearing humankind continue to tempt fate, so, needlessly, one wonders? Are we not hurrying our own extinction as a species in so doing? No? Yooooooooo...

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Started: 02-07-2024 | Ends: 31-10-2024