Go to court, I cannot retract the truth – Ablakwa replies Freddie Blay

  Sun, 16 Jun 2024
Headlines Go to court, I cannot retract the truth – Ablakwa replies Freddie Blay

Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, Member of Parliament for North Tongu, has challenged Freddie Blay, the former National Chairman of the New Patriotic Party, to pursue legal action, asserting that he will not retract his statements regarding Blay’s alleged involvement in acquiring the front space of the Labadi Beach Hotel.

Freddie Blay, who is also the GNPC Board Chair, has issued a one-week ultimatum to Ablakwa, TV3’s management, and Johnnie Hughes, demanding they withdraw what he deems unfounded allegations against him and his family.

Blay maintains that his children lawfully obtained parts of the beachfront from the LA Council and that this property is not under the Labadi Beach Hotel’s management.

Ablakwa has accused Blay and his sons of participating in a broader scheme of state capture, claiming they have acquired interests in the beachfront traditionally managed by the Labadi Beach Hotel.

He contends that this acquisition has resulted in the hotel being the only one globally without full control over its beachfront.

Blay has responded to these allegations by stating that though initial discussions with the hotel’s management took place, they did not culminate in an agreement.

Consequently, his sons approached the La Traditional Council to secure the beachfront for their business endeavours. Blay defends the legality of his sons’ interest in the property and questions why the hotel has not legally contested it.

But in an X post on Sunday, Ablakwa declared, “I cannot retract the truth, Mr. Freddy Blay. Since you are getting no retraction from me, please go to court now — don't wait for one week.”

He further announced an upcoming demonstration on Tuesday, 18th June 2024, titled 'Hands Off our Hotels,' promising further revelations on the issue and affirming a commitment to combating state capture, concluding with a patriotic call to action: “For God and Country. Ghana First.”


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