Joseph Archibald condemns Winneba Hospital for dumping patient to die, calls for investigation

By Rita Mawuli Scot II Contributor
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Joseph Archibald

Joseph Archibald, CEO of A & A Don Solutions, strongly criticised Winneba Government Hospital for abandoning a sick woman in the bush to die.

The incident, which has sparked outrage and disbelief across the nation, highlights a severe lapse in the duty of care and compassion that should be fundamental to healthcare institutions.

Mr. Archibald expressed deep sorrow over the woman who endured harsh conditions before her untimely demise. He described the abandonment as an egregious violation of human rights and called for immediate action to hold those responsible accountable for their actions.

"The abandonment of the woman by the Winneba Government Hospital is utterly unacceptable and reprehensible," Mr. Archibald stated. "It is a stark reminder of the urgent need for systemic reforms and stringent oversight to ensure that such atrocities never occur again."

The CEO emphasized the importance of restoring public trust in healthcare institutions and ensuring that every citizen receives the care and dignity they deserve. He urged authorities to conduct a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding the incident and implement measures that uphold the highest standards of professionalism in healthcare delivery.

"Let us not forget the humanity at stake here," Mr. Archibald continued. "This incident should serve as a catalyst for us all to recommit ourselves to the values of empathy, responsibility, and accountability in every aspect of our society."

As Ghana grapples with the aftermath of this tragedy, Mr. Archibald called on all stakeholders, including government officials, healthcare professionals, and civil society organizations, to work together towards comprehensive reforms that prioritize the well-being and dignity of every Ghanaian citizen.

Mr. Archibald reiterated his heartfelt condolences to the family and loved ones of the victim and pledged his firm commitment to advocating for justice and reform in light of this deeply disturbing incident.

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