Effutu Education Director worried over students' absenteeism after BECE registration

  Fri, 14 Jun 2024
Education Effutu Education Director worried over students' absenteeism after BECE registration

Madam Dinah Anderson, the Effutu Municipal Director of Education, has expressed concern about truancy immediately after Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) registration in the Municipality.

This trend had significantly impacted negatively on students' performance during the BECE, Madam Anderson, stated in an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA) in Winneba.

She reiterated the Municipality’s commitment to ensuring the success of students registered for the upcoming BECE of which rigorous measures such as additional classes and mock examinations had been introduced to thoroughly prepare them for the examination.

However, Madam Anderson expressed dismay over the attitude of some of the final year students whose absenteeism were rampant and urged them to attend classes regularly for better performances in the impending examination.

She was unhappy with the 'unsatisfactory' 2023 BECE results in the Effutu Municipality, with scores falling below 50 per cent, indicating poor performance.

Consequently, she stressed the importance of enhancing the previous percentage and strive for higher overall aggregates and called on all stakeholders to assist the students to perform well.

She advised students to prioritise their studies and dedicate themselves to learning, rather than focusing on trivial matters that do not contribute to their future successes.

In a message directed at the students, she highlighted the significance of working diligently to achieve good grades for them to be admitted to their preferred schools.

Madam Anderson urged parents to encourage their children to attend school regularly and apply themselves to their studies to achieve favourable aggregates that would secure placements in their desired schools, bringing pride to both the students and the municipality.


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