E/R: Nkurakan health facility on brink of collapse, residents call for urgent support

  Fri, 14 Jun 2024
Health E/R: Nkurakan health facility on brink of collapse, residents call for urgent support

Residents of Nkurakan in the Yilo Krobo Municipality are dissatisfied with the deplorable state of their health facility and are calling on authorities to fix it immediately, as it endangers their health.

Speaking in an interview, Mr. Jonathan Teye, a native of the Yoyim community in Nkurakan, told the Ghana News Agency that the infrastructure was in disrepair and required immediate attention to avoid collapsing.

“The facility is presently in disrepair, requiring comprehensive rebuilding and enhancement to help it fulfil its healthcare delivery responsibilities to residents in the catchment areas,” he said.

Despite the facility’s current sorry condition, it records nearly 1,000 cases.

However, it is not optimal for providing high-quality healthcare due to the erosion that has washed away a substantial portion of the building, leaving it exposed and potentially collapsing if no immediate action is taken.

The Convener of the Concern Nkurakan Citizens, Mr. Ebenezer Tetteh Abrokwa, who has taken it upon himself to advocate for support to help address the challenges confronting the facility, stated that health workers there were facing multiple problems.

He encouraged residents of the area to help salvage the facility from total collapse.

Ms. Peace Eyiram Tepreh, the facility’s physician assistant, noted that some individuals had offered to assist with minor issues, but the major renovation of the facility had been neglected.

Mr. Emmanuel Tetteh Kwao, the assembly member for the Nkurakan Electoral area, emphasized the dire situation of the health center and urged the Ghana Health Service, Ministry of Health, non-governmental organizations, and others to support the facility.

He pointed out that erosion had damaged parts of the building, including roofing sheets and seals, making it challenging to operate during rainy weather.


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