Winneba Govt Hospital dumps patient in bush to death at Gomoa Ojobi

Social News Patient dumped in a bush
Patient dumped in a bush

A patient in her late 40s has been dumped in a bush in Gomoa Ojobi by the Winneba Government officials, according to reports by UTV Ghana.

According to the report, the yet-to-be-identified patient was dumped in the bush by an ambulance from the above-named hospital.

The patient, who's now late, was allegedly involved in an accident on the Ojobi road, which affected her brain and was brought to the hospital for treatment.

Reporter Jacob Kubi narrating the matter on UTV said Doctor George Prah, the medical superintendent of Winneba Government Hospital confirmed to him that the deceased was admitted to the hospital three months ago and none of her family members showed up.

Following the impact the accident had on her, Dr George Prah said the lady mostly shouted and disturbed other patients at the hospital, an alarming situation which propelled them to dump her in the bush in Ojobi, thinking her family would locate her there.

The doctor, according to the report, disclosed that families of other patients who were also involved in the accident showed up at the hospital, but the deceased's case was different.

Dr. George Prah said the initial plan was to treat and interrogate her to get information from her about her family, but she was slowly responding to treatments, and all attempts to reach out to her family proved futile.

Watch the footage of how the deceased was dumped in the bush in the link below;

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