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Suspected food poisoning hit Ajumako Afranse Technical Institute

  Thu, 13 Jun 2024
Suspected food poisoning hit Ajumako Afranse Technical Institute

A suspected foodborne illness that hit the Ajumako Afranse Technical Institute (Afranstech) on Wednesday June 12, has been linked to a “waakye” vendor at the school premises.

This was detected following an initial investigation conducted by the district health officials with school authorities which revealed that many of the victims ate that meal.

As a result, the school has implemented an immediate ban on all food vendors operating within the school until the situation is rectified.

Approximately, 25 students from the school were rushed to the Salvation Army Polyclinic in Ajumako Baa on Wednesday morning, presenting symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhoea after consuming meals for lunch and dinner on Tuesday.


Most of the students were diagnosed with intestinal infections, whilst a few were found to have malaria and are currently being treated for gastroenteritis and malaria.

However, a definitive conclusion regarding food poisoning cannot be made until further laboratory tests are conducted.

Upon a visit to the school, the Ghana News Agency (GNA) observed that some affected students were returning from the polyclinic.


Many of them had to make their way to the health facility independently due to the unavailability of transportation as a result of the poor road network.

Mr Ransford Emmanuel Kwesi Nyarko, the District Chief Executive of Ajumako-Enyan-Essiam, along with the District Health Director, Mr Stephen Tie-toh and a team of environmental health officers, visited the polyclinic and the school to evaluate the situation and take necessary measures to address it.

Following a meeting with the school authorities, Mr Nyarko revealed that their findings suggested the involvement of an external food vendor, after interviews with affected students revealed that they had consumed meals from two sources, banku and groundnut soup from the school, and waakye from a vendor.

“We have students who consumed banku and waakye, as well as those who only had waakye and are experiencing health issues,” Mr Nyarko stated.


Additionally, a teacher who reportedly, ate waakye the previous day fell ill upon returning to school.

The environmental health officers will identify the vendors on the school premises and inspect their kitchens to ensure compliance with hygienic standards.

Mr Nyarko instructed the officers to carry out fumigation to rid the school of mosquito due to the number of malaria cases reported.

Parents were reassured by Mr Nyarko that the students were safe and in stable condition, saying close monitoring of the situation would be maintained in collaboration with the school administration and other relevant bodies.

Madam Esther Essandoh, Nurse Manager at the Salvation Army Polyclinic, confirmed that the situation was being managed effectively and the students were showing positive responses to treatment.

A significant number of them have been discharged, and it is anticipated that all students would be back in school soon.


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