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How Mahama intends to fix the economy

How Mahama intends to fix the economy

A robust economy is crucial for a developing country as it serves as the foundation for sustainable development and improvement in the quality of life for its citizens. And there are some key reasons why a strong economy is important:

Economic growth is a key driver of poverty reduction, providing more people with access to jobs and income, allowing people to afford better healthcare, education, and housing.

A good economy enables investment in infrastructure, which is essential for efficient transportation, communication, and access to markets.

Economic prosperity also allows for better funding of education and health services, leading to a more educated and healthier workforce.

Furthermore, economic stability can reduce the likelihood of conflict and violence by providing opportunities and reducing inequality.

Importantly, a strong economy can help a country compete on the global stage, attracting foreign investment and boosting exports.

Based on these benefits, H.E. John Dramani Mahama the presidential candidate of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the December, 2024 polls, has outlined several strategies to fix the Ghanaian economy when elected.

And some of his key proposals include his emphasis on the importance of investing in infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges, and energy facilities to stimulate economic growth and create jobs.

He has proposed a focus on industrialisation to boost manufacturing and increase exports, thereby reducing Ghana's reliance on imports and improving the trade balance.

President Mahama has highlighted the importance of the agricultural sector in Ghana's economy and has pledged to support smallholder farmers with access to credit, technology, and markets to increase productivity and income.

The NDC flag-bearer has stressed the need for a well-educated and skilled workforce to drive economic growth and has promised to invest in education and vocational training programmes to equip young people with the skills needed for the job market.

Additionally, Mahama has committed to maintaining fiscal discipline and transparency in government spending to ensure that resources are used efficiently and effectively to support economic development.

Overall, his economic plan is centred on promoting sustainable growth, creating jobs, and reducing poverty in Ghana through targeted investments in key sectors of the economy.

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